Your contribution to the Conference, by submitting a paper, a presentation or poster is highly appreciated. Please submit the title and short description of the paper, presentation or poster to the Sessions along with a personal resume of the speaker by 15.08.2011 via e-mail:

The Conference will consist of 3 work sessions all in plenum.

Work Session 1: Production and challenges

This session welcomes presentations about production of grid based statistics from different data sources with experiences and challenges in data capture, transformations, data validity, quality assessments and disclosure control. The different methods, which are used in compilation of data on grid square cells are in the focus as well. This session may also include issues of data integration and harmonisation with a help of case studies. The latest Census round results and their importance for the production of grid based statistics are hopefully recognized in this session.

Work Session 2: Infrastructure and challenges

This session will be about the infrastructure needed to support the production and use of the data grids, and the one needed for the dissemination/use of the grid data.
There might be presentations about the real infrastructure (websites, servers etc.) and virtual infrastructures (standards, concepts, methodology etc.); both of these concepts are discussed. The INSPIRE initiative and its implications to the Spatial Data Infrastructure of NSI, and in this context to the use and production of GRID data, are also important issues.
Within this session we also welcome presentations about new challenges for the GeoStat project; issues currently outside the scope of this project are important.

Work Session 3: Use, user needs and challenges

This session is intended to embrace the WP1 activities of the Geostat project. Here the focus is on the usefulness of grid-based statistics and small-area statistics. There will be presentations about the application of the different grid datasets to analyse human societies and the build and natural environment, focusing on the scale factor in these datasets (from local to global).

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