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Discover Lisbon and have dinner in a traditional Fado house.

Legend has it that Lisbon was founded by Ulysses. The name comes from “Olissipo”, meaning “enchanting port”.

Lisbon is a historic capital, a potpourri of unusual character and charm, where 800 years of cultural influences mingle with modern trends and life styles creating spectacular contrasts.

We will embark in a guided sightseeing bus tour through the most important and historical places of Lisbon.

The tour stops at Belém - the birthplace of the Portuguese discoveries, the start of globalization, where famous navigators like Vasco da Gama set sail to discover the unknown world -, passes by downtown Rossio and the Commerce Square - a commercial area that still retains much of its original lay out – and finishes at the Cathedral area.

From here we walk down the narrow streets of medieval Alfama, one of the oldest neighborhoods of the city, to have dinner in “Bacalhau de Molho” a reference fado house restaurant due to its atmosphere, codfish based food and famous resident artists.

Much more than just a song, Fado is the purest expression of Lisbon's “soul” and Portuguese feelings, always accompanied by the solemn and melancholy chords of the Portuguese guitar.

Considered an integral cultural brand and tradition of the Portuguese capital, Fado is currently applying to become UNESCO Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

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Costs: 69.5 EUROS

To participate on the EFGS 2011 Social Event you must pre-register.

To pre-register:

  • Print and fill the Proforma document;
  • Make the transfer payment to the bank account referenced on the Proforma;
  • Send the Proforma document back by email to

We have a deadline with the restaurant and the bus company, therefore we would like to request you to make the registration and the transfer payment until Wednesday the 5th of October so we can avoid any reservation constraints. Places are guaranteed for pre-registered participants only.

To carry out the full program with the bus tour and the dinner, we need at least 30 participants. The registrations will become automatically effective when we reach the 30 pre-registrations.

If less than 30 people register to the social program we will not be able to make the bus tour - just the dinner. In this case the dinner at the fado house restaurant has a cost of 55€ and we refund (by bank transfer) the value corresponding to the bus tour (14, 5€) and the transport to the restaurant would have to be made by public transportation.

Please check the established dinner menu, on the social program document, and report, by mail, if you have any allergies or other associated problems in order to arrange an alternative menu.



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