European Forum for Geostatistics Conference (EFGS)

The production & use of spatial statistics for sustainability

Statistics Portugal, Lisbon, 12-14 October 2011.

Welcome to the EFGS Lisbon Conference! 

Welcome to the web site of EFGS Lisbon Conference! 

The European Forum for Geostatistics (EFGS) is a network of experts that contribute to a common spatial data infrastructure and best practices in collecting, producing and disseminating geostatistics” within the European statistical system. Currently, the aim of the EFGS is to harmonize methods and data sets at an European level by exchanging knowledge and expertise and by supporting the GEOSTAT project.

The main aim of the GEOSTAT project is to create EU-wide population grid maps from the 2011 census data and to develop a methodological framework for the geo-coding of population. 

Statistics Portugal and the Steering Committee of the EFGS are organising the EFGS 2011 Conference. This event is of special interest to experts attached to the National Statistical Institutes in Europe, but also professionals from other disciplines and members of research communities that are involved in the production and use of GeoStatistics.

The Conference will be held in Lisbon for three days, from Wednesday, October 12 at noon to Friday, October 14, 2011. Together with the meeting, a series of Pre-and Post-Conferences will be organised around issues related to various EFGS activities and projects.

The main focus of this year Conference will be on the data produced by the GEOSTAT project and case studies on the use and production of grid data outside the project scope. Another aspect will be the discussions about infrastructure and methodological issues.

Statistics Portugal welcomes all members of ESSNet GEOSTAT project, EFGS, Eurostat Working.

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