From the Airport to the hotels

  • From Lisboa airport to the recommended hotels the best transport is taxi (aprox.12 Euros).
  • There is an Express bus line leaving from the airport: Route 91 (Airport – city centre); however, this bus does not stop at these hotels. Ticket 1,50 euros (on-board). For further details please visit:

In Lisboa

  • Taxis. Taxis in Lisboa can be reserved by telephone or hailed on the street. Two taxi companies and their telephone numbers:
    • Lisboa Rádio-taxi - +351 21 811 9000; Autocoop - +351 21 793 2756
  • Subway (Metro)
    • The Metro runs from 6:30 a.m. until 1:00 a.m.; magnetic ticket 0,90 euros (1 zone)
    • INE Office and AS Lisboa Hotel - Red line: Alameda station
    • Holiday Inn Hotel – Yellow line: Saldanha station
    • Alif Hotel - Yellow line: Campo Pequeno station
    • For further information on subway:
  • Buses and trams
    • “Carris” is the bus operator in Lisboa. The network has 88 routes. On-board fare - 1,50 euros.
    • For further details please visit: :
  • There are Metro/Carris combined fares. These fares are valid on both, the Metropolitano de Lisboa network and the Carris (buses, streetcars and elevators) network.
  • Charged tickets on 7 Colinas / Viva Viagem cards: 1 day Carris/Metro network ticket 3,95€; valid for an unlimited number of trips on all the Carris and Metro networks, for a period of 24 hours, after the first entry validation.
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